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Audit Services

Under section 122 of the Company Ordinance (Cap.622) of the Laws of Hong Kong, the annual financial statements of Hong Kong limited company required to be audited by Hong Kong Certified Public Accountants (Practising).

Also, on a timely basis, Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department will send out Hong Kong profit tax return to the register office of the Hong Kong limited company, requiring them to submit the profits tax return with the audited financial statements and other documents and information as specified in the notes for the purpose of tax assessment within a specific period, or tax penalty and estimated tax assessment will be applied.

Apart from statutory requirement which require Hong Kong audit services, banks and financial institution also requires company to provide audited financial statements for their know your customer (KYC) purpose, or before they provide loan facility to company. Bank will close down the company account if they find out the financial statements contains problem.

Since independent audit process can enhance corporate management level, many competitive corporate will ask auditor to perform internal audit, which allow them to identify the internal weakness, significant fraud risk areas, bottleneck of process flows, etc and address it accordingly.

We provide International and Hong Kong audit services. Our professional CPA (Practicing) obtained years of experience from big 4 audit firm, which process diversified business knowledge and comprehensive auditing skills.

During our independent audit process, we will also provide professional advice on client business, which can help to improve the business internal controls and drive up the business.


Potential Uses of Audit Services:

  • Hong Kong audit services to comply with Hong Kong Company Ordinance
  • Comply with Inland Revenue Department tax requirement
  • Bank and financial institute know your customer process (KYC) and loan facility approval process
  • Apply for funding and allowances from Government and agencies
  • Protects interests of shareholders and investors
  • Strengthen corporate internal control and management


Our Professional Audit Services Cover:

  • Hong Kong limited company statutory audit
  • Compliance and regulatory audit
  • Corporate internal audit
  • Government special projects or funding audit
  • Financial due diligence audit
  • Immigration audit
  • Professional fraud or financial investigations for legal or court order cases