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Professional Accounting Services

We use professional accounting software MYOB to prepare financial statements, which including balance sheet, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, etc. We tailor make the accounting services for our customers, this allow us to fit their need.

By using our accounting services, clients can obtain cost and time saving for the whole accounting department and focus their resources and time in business operations and project development aspect. We will also provide our financial analysis and advices, which allow clients to build a strong financial status.


Reasons to have professional accounting services:

The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Ordinance requires all Hong Kong Companies to keep sufficient records (in English or Chinese) to enable the assessable profits to be readily ascertained. All records must be retained for at least seven years from the transaction date. It is an offence not to keep adequate records. The company can be penalized for not doing so by being fined up to $100,000.

In many cases, Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department only checks the accounting records of the companies few years later. Without prior accounting records and supporting, the tax computation cannot be substantiated and heavy penalty will be applied.

There are also many other sound reasons why company should keep accurate business records. Here are some:

  • Accurate records allow you to be in better control of your business by helping with financial planning and decision
  • Making you portray a more professional image that makes it easier to deal with your bank, customers, suppliers
  • Appropriate records enable you to file an accurate profits tax return
  • The costs to company of an Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department audit are reduced if all of the necessary records are readily available
  • Losses and theft in the business may be detected
  • Banks will ask for the latest accounts for KYC review and loan application
  • Greater overall control of the business


Features of our professional accounting services:

  • Tailor made for our customers to provide monthly, quarterly or yearly financial reports
  • Financial reports are up to the regulatory standards
  • Charges base on transactions volume, clients can have a proper budget
  • Transparent charges
  • Direct contact with the accountant in charge and follow up the status
  • Using systematic accounting software